Przemysław Orłowski - short biography

Personal informations:


Date of Birth: 25.03.1974

Place of Birth: Szczecin

Nationality: Polish




1999 – 2002     Technical University of Szczecin, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Control Engineering

§         Title of Ph.D. graduate work: “Analysis of Uncertain, Time-Varying, Discrete-Time Control Systems on Finite Time Horizon” obtained on 24.10.2002.

§         Professor conferring a degree: Prof. Dr Eng. Zbigniew Emirsajłow


High school:

1994 – 1999     Technical University of Szczecin, Faculty of Electrical Engineering                  

Primary course:    Electronics and Telecommunications        

Specialisation:      Computerised Automation Systems

Title of master’s science graduate work: „Analysis of Control Problems for Uncertain Discrete-Time Systems”, professor conferring a degree: Prof. Dr Eng. Z. Emirsajłow       

Second course:     Electrical Engineering                                                     

Specialisation:       Processing and Use of Electrical Power

Title of master’s science graduate work: „Microprocessor Based Controller for Unconventional Drive System with Linear Induction Motor”analysis, project and realisation, professor conferring a degree Dr Eng. P. Szymczak


§         Two Scholarships of National Education Minister                 

§         1st place at 19th International Scientific Symposium of Students and Young Research Workers Zielona Góra 1997

§         Three Rector’s congratulatory letters




§         2000:       Five weeks visit at University of Manchester Science and Technology in Electrical Engineering Department

§         1998:       Six weeks training in LTE Electricidade Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, SA, Portugal

§         Two projects carried out:

-          Programmable control system for school’s bell. It can have in memory 64 programs of 32 hours each. Staff can change it themselves. It was made in TTL technology (above 60 ICs).

-          Control system for churchbells with linear induction motor. It can automatically connect bells and stabilise strike. It was based on microcontroller 87C51. Program was written in assembler and consists above 1000 lines. It was testing on physical bell’s drive.